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Homecoming fashion decision on girls‘ minds. Being a girl, it’s sometimes difficult spending hours at shops and malls just trying to find “the perfect dress.” When you do find it, the store doesn’t have your size and all you’re thinking is “Where am I going to get it now?” Since Homecoming is October 20, hopefully you’ve found the perfect dress. “As a freshmen I wouldn’t really know how to start looking for a dress,” said Eryhka Angel Martinez, who considers herself very picky about her shoes and accessories. They can’t be too sparkly or too over dramatic. She never wears bright colors—like pink—and she always bring back-up shoes, just in case she gets tired of wearing her heels. “I always stay original and I have my own style,” Martinez added. Black heels, blingy bracelet, curled or straight hair and a cute dress is what makes her style. Martinez thinks it doesn’t really matter if you have a date. All that matters is that your having fun with your friends. “Have fun, dance a lot, enjoy the night, take tons of pictures. Don’t spend too much time being nervous to do anything,” she added. “I don’t want to get heels that are too scandalous or anything that can hurt my feet,” said Martinez. Her budget is $50 on heels and $40 for the dress. She loves shopping at Windsor, Wave and Ross. “I’m a very picky girl. Everything has to be perfect. If it’s not, I’ll cry,” said Celeste Sanchez, a sophomore. She added the she must have the latest and greatest with a perfect twist of her own originality. She won’t spend $100 for a dress that she’s only going to wear for one night. The heels have to be high and super cute. She prefers her hair curled and huge, sometimes put up with a pretty bobby pin. “On the night of Homecoming, I really want to have a great time, that’s why I’m not having a date,” she said. Sanchez wants to have a blast with her girlfriends instead of dancing with one guy all night. “I went to Homecoming last year and it was so much fun. I had a great experience and freshmen should go,” said 2011 graduate Raquel Garcia, who went to every Homecoming game and dance. She had a great time with her friends. finding a dress, trying them on, and picking out different styles.“I would have to say that my style is my own and I like to be accessorized.” said Garcia She brings a small purse for stuff she’ll probably need, like makeup and a miniature perfume. Garcia said that she always have to be prepared.“A lot of good experiences happen at Homecoming. Your make new friends and able to be more confident,” said Garcia.